Artists - Dancers - DJs

    1. Register for the contest in Umatch 
    2. Follow the Instagram account @artysmusic
    3. Make a video with your phone (1mn max), you must say Artys Music and post it on Instagram
    4. Tag @artysmusic on your video
    5. If on ❤️, you are qualified and your registration is validated ✌🏼
    6. Scroll and read the rules below ⬇︎⬇︎

  • Rules of the competition

    🥇 50,000€ of income / year 🥈 30,000€ of income / year 🥉 20,000€ of income / year**
    Did you pass the auditions?
    1- Fill in your artist profile (and all your social networks otherwise you will not be able to qualify for the 1/4 final!)
    2- Put the link of your video (put your best title, pro or amateur video, no matter, we will judge the talent, not the video, 1 phone is enough!)

    You will receive a confirmation email with your artist link that will allow your fans to vote for you.
    You will have to share your affiliation link in your Instagram bio so that your fans can vote as below:

    I am participating in the @artysmusic #TargetNewTalents contest - vote for me! ⬇︎⬇︎
    Your link: "www.artys.io/affiliation/Artiste" (you will receive it in the email confirming your participation in the contest)

    You can also do regular storytelling to gain visibility, it's in your interest!
    We take into consideration the number of votes of your fans and we will select the best (number of votes + talent)


    ⚠️ You must follow and tag the Instagram @artysmusic account and post a video or you will not be qualified.
    ⚠️ You must fill in your Instagram and YouTube profile on your artist profile in Umatch or you will be disqualified.
    ⚠️ The video on Youtube is mandatory. You must allow "video sharing on other sites" on your Youtube channel or we will not be able to share your video if you have been selected.)

    qualification for the quarter finals:
    You need at least 50 points (votes) from your fans on Artys to participate in the 1/4 finals or to be selected by the Artys team as a "favorite". If you are selected, you will participate in the 1st challenge on Instagram.
    the winners of the challenge will be qualified for the semi-finals!
    Only 100 artists from La Francophonie will be selected!

    Challenge: the challenges are designed to help you get more votes and therefore more committed fans and more visibility. The only thing that makes an artist exist professionally and make a living from his music is not a record company, a producer or a manager but first of all the great fans of an artist, those who will listen to your music, who will come to see you in concert and/or who will buy your merchandising!
    so you need to be known and shared regularly on social networks.

    ❌ The sound must be of good quality or you will not be selected
    ❌ We have to see the artist singing with his face uncovered, no playback!
    ❌ The instruction must not cover the voice
    ❌ You must follow the Instagram artysmusic account or you will be disqualified
    Have you been qualified? 😎🏆
    1/2 final: There will be a challenge. After the challenge, our team will select 5 artists per linguistic zone and per category (4 zones, 3 categories or 60 artists in total) from among the candidates to go to the final. (20 singers, 20 dancers and 20 DJs)

    Final: 20 artists per category (5 per linguistic region) will be submitted to the public vote and to our jury for half of the score.
    Only 1 artist per zone and per category (Dancer, singer, DJ) will participate in the grand finale!


    Grand Final: The winners of each zone will compete against each other and will be submitted to the public vote and to the vote of the jury, which will count for half of the score.

    Duration of the competition: The 1st season of Target New Talent is aimed at artists from Spanish, Portuguese, French and English speaking countries. La Francophonie enters the competition in September and Anglophones in October.
    All candidates will start competing at the same time from the semi-finals.
    We will know the finalists in December 2019 and the grand final of the competition will take place in February 2020!


    Singers/Rappers - Dancers - DJs

    🥇 50,000€ of income / year - 🥈 30,000€ of income / year - 🥉 20,000€ of income / year**
    The 4th artist wins a Studio Recording (EP of 4 tracks) + 1 clip.
    ** Artys is committed to generating minimum revenues of 50, 30 and 20,000€/year for the first 3 of the Target New Talent season 1 contest on the Artys streaming platform which will soon be available. The duration of our commitment is 3 years. The copyright will remain the property of the artists or their label and will be automatically managed on the blockchain if necessary. If the artist is independent, we may consider signing an artist contract with a partner label.
    By participating in the Target New Talent contest, you accept the rules of the contest organized by Artys Music Limited, a company with a capital of 900,000€ registered under number 1169174 located at Crown House, 27 Old Gloucester London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom

    Alliances, collaboration

    From the semi-finals onwards, artists can collaborate to increase their chances of winning!
    2 singers could collaborate and featuring in order to merge their fanbase just like a singer, DJ and dancer could do the same and propose a real show for the final! Be creative, smart and collaborative!

    The great finalists: 4 singers, 4 dancers (or group), 4 DJ's

    Artys will produce an album with all the finalists of Target New Talent and will produce 3 videos in which the dancers will be featured.
    All copyrights will be equally divided between singers, dancers and DJs.


    Good luck!