• Target New Talents

    As part of the launch of the startup Artys Music which is developing Umatch a networking platform for the music industry and Artys, a streaming 2.0 platform, we are launching the competition

  • International contest

    + 50 Country

    Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America

    + 2000 Participants

    Rap, Pop, Reggaeton, Reggae, Rock

    4 Languages

    Spanish, French, Portuguese, English

    3 Sategories

    Rappers/Singers, Dancers, DJs

  • Who can participate in the competition?


    Artists from more than 50 countries will participate in the Target New Talent competition.

    The competition started with 20 Latin American countries and then with Portuguese-speaking African countries.

    La Francophonie enters the competition in September and the English-speaking countries from October!

    From the semi-finals, the artists will choose the dancers and the DJ who will accompany them until victory!




    DJs will enter the competition from the semi-finals.
    Their objective, to remix a song of their choice among the semi-finalists artists in order to propose a version for the clubs and why not create the next Hit of the summer!

    To your turntables 😉







    Dancers from all over the world will participate for the first time in an international music competition alongside the artists.

    They will first have to pass the selections by posting a video on Instagram, as for artists.

    Then, the dancers will compete until the 1/4 final.

    It is the artists who will choose the dancers with whom they will collaborate from the 1/2 finals and with whom they will seek victory!



  • I want to participate!


    Live fully from your music!

    Singer, dancer or DJ, an artist needs a committed community of fans!

    I have listened to and analysed thousands of artists from Latin America, Africa, Europe and North America and have found that the vast majority of independent artists have at least 3 points in common:


    1- Talent

    2- Lack of visibility

    3- Very few artists make a full living from their music (fully means not having to work in addition to your musical career)


    The one and only thing that makes an artist exist professionally and make a living from his music is not a record company, a producer or a manager but the fans of an artist, those who will listen to his music, who will go to see him in concert, who will buy his merchandising or even those who will share his new songs, in short, committed fans!


    So yes, a good manager or a good label will help you to acquire fans on the other hand, to enter a label, you have to already exist on social networks and have a solid base on which the record company can rely. It is therefore up to each artist to develop fan acquisition strategies in the same way that a company will seek its customers!

    an artist is a brand and the person who embodies it is a company manager.


    The more committed you have a community of fans, the more likely you are to sign to a label for those who want it or live fully from your music as an independent artist for others.
    Otherwise, you will make music your hobby but not your job!
    The first thing an artist must do is to build a solid fan base, build loyalty and grow it!


    A contest is a great way to check whether or not you have fans and a great way to engage them and gain visibility.


    Artys (Target New Talent, Umatch and the Artys streaming platform currently under development) is aimed at all artists, whether they are singers, musicians, dancers, DJs, and whether they are independent or not.


    On the other hand, independent artists need tools, technological means, transparency and financial means to work, develop and live fully from their music without having to work alongside it. Being a professional artist is a full-time profession, not a hobby and therefore requires investing 100% of your time, like any other entrepreneur because yes, an artist is a music entrepreneur and not an employee of the music industry.
    As a music entrepreneur, you must therefore master marketing, your image, know how to build yourself and retain your fans, etc.

    Umatch and its Target New Talent competition exists to help young talents and independent artists to professionalize themselves and emerge in an ecosystem where there are more and more people. In a world that uploads about 600,000 hours of videos/day to Youtube, it's not easy to get noticed...

    That's why we are developing the first networking platform for the music industry that will help all music players to collaborate directly and without intermediaries. Artists will have access to marketing, image and communication professionals but also to all industry professionals such as musicians and singers from all over the world, labels, pro recording studios or home studios, managers, turners, nightclubs, producers, dancers but also brands/sponsors etc....
    Artists will be able to negotiate directly with other artists featuring that are the key to success (Le feat allows artists to be known by the community of fans of the artist with whom they collaborate and vice versa).


    In short, we have not forgotten anyone, not even the lawyers who specialize in drafting your contracts, the lawyers who defend your rights or the copyright management companies!

  • Have you been selected?

  • Umatch!

    Umatch is the first networking application that will allow all music professionals to collaborate worldwide with a single click!


    Artys est une nouvelle plateforme de streaming en cours de développement qui va permettre aux fans d'écouter leurs artistes préférés gratuitement, d'assister à des showcases online privés et bien plus encore!
    Notre plateforme de streaming va permettre aux artistes d'augmenter considérablement leurs revenus et de se constituer une base de revenus mensuels! Le lancement est prévu le 1er trimestre 2020, Stay Tune!

  • Promo video Umatch!

    Thanks to the artists and the film crew!

    Umatch - Target New Talents